The #1 Thing to Do After a Breakup!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I had been debating coming back to the blog as soon as I saw my cousin Brittany's blog the other day (you should check it out! and I realized I missed my blog. I like fashion, but taking those pictures all of the time is hard when you don't have someone to take them for you OR have a professional camera OR don't have any professional experience. So, in an effort to make it easier on myself, I will talk about fashion, but it probably won't involve photos of me (unless my bestie Jen Padro wants to take photos of me one day).

If you really want to know what I wear, follow me on Instagram at where I shamelessly post selfies of me in a full length mirror....or snapchat at missramsey1. I'll also be talking about the huge change that eating healthy -  dairy-free, eating clean, and starting to do gluten free- has made in my life. Life is great now ya'll! I'll probably also talk about Baltimore happenings...and you know a post or two about my dogs will come in somewhere.

But first....

What I wanted to talk about today was:
 "Why you shouldn't eat ice cream and chocolates after a breakup"(the #1 Thing to Do is continue to EAT HEALTHY!)

What you say? You are crazy! Blasphemy! That's the number one rule of breaking up with someone, you take a week to eat crap and yell on the phone with your friends!

Hear me out here.

Ice cream and chocolates actually will make you feel worse. What happens when you overeat? If you are anything like me, you feel gross and lethargic afterwards. Sure, there's like 5 minutes while shoving your face in ice cream that you feel justified, you are taking charge with the help of dairy fats and really showing yourself that you just don't care!

I just went through this myself. I did indulge in some coconut-milk ice cream, but only a tiny bit. Otherwise I kept on schedule with my eating, protein shakes, fruits and veggies, eating clean, the works. And you know what? I woke up this morning seriously feeling better than ever! Like I was ready to take on the world! How much better than feeling sad and lethargic.

The next time you are really upset about something (doesn't have to be a break up), just try eating healthy. I promise, you will feel so much better and instead of 5 minutes of justification, you will wake up ready to be SUCCESSFUL! And what better reaction to have then to be extremely successful and rock in your job. One other tip: don't turn to alcohol. I know, now you think I'm REALLY off my rocker. But same effect- sad and lethargic. Who wants to be hungover and sad? Stay healthy, keep your routine, avoid that shot of Fireball, and kick some butt at work!

I know you've got it in you.

- S

Oh, while you are kicking butt, listen to this new song by Meghan Trainor:
Watch Me Do


  1. LOVING these tips and LOVE that your back!!! Great way to stay positive and overcome difficult situations!!!! #yasssss

  2. Why thank you!!! It's good to be back ;)