Changing Careers In Your Late 20's

Saturday, April 30, 2016

In 2014, when I was 26, I decided I was in the wrong career. 

This was not an easy decision, because I had worked very hard to get where I was and it was all I had ever known. I didn't hate what I was doing, but I didn't think it was for me. I was fortunate to work for some AMAZING companies (which will remain nameless) and had met some really awesome people and mentors who I still talk to today. I am very grateful for everything I learned, and the people that I met. I am fully confident I would not be where I was today without them. 

I made my career change the hard way, it was very scary, and I was not fully prepared for exactly how hard it was going to be. So in an effort to keep you from going through what I went through, I decided to write this blog post. 

Five Things To Start Your Career Change

1. What do you want to do? 
Write down your skills. Not sure what your skills are? A very basic test that is always recommended is the Myers Briggs test- here. Once you have figured out your skills you can gather an idea of what jobs might be best for you. For me personally, I used to be an event planner and I loved it, so I was sure this was what I wanted to do, but didn't know what kind- wedding? Kids parties? Corporate? 
Which leads me to the next step.

2. Research, research, research.
 I cannot stress this enough. You need to research the job fields you are interested in, research other people who are in them, research salary, qualifications, EVERYTHING you may need to know. 

3. Prepare your mind.
In my case, I had to start at the bottom again, just like when I was 21. THAT was a very big piece of humble pie, since I had grown a lot professionally over the last 5 years. If you have no real experience doing what you have now decided you are interested in, you  may have to even take an internship. But most likely you are going to start in an entry level position. Which also means an entry level salary. Get ready. 

4. Save your money.
I would say even though you are ready NOW to make that change, wait 6 months to 1 year to actually do it and SAVE your money. You don't know what's going to happen, if you take an internship you will need to have an income. If you start with an entry level salary you will need some cushioning. 

5. Get a professional resume together and be prepared for the "why are you changing careers?" question! 
This one you may need to consult a professional about to make sure you have enough information. If you don't have experience in the job that you want, you'll need to highlight your past experience in a way that shows your skills, and why you would be good for the job. Also be prepared with a good reason for why you are changing careers. "I really have a passion for ___________" is a great start. 

If you have questions, feel free to comment or shoot me an email. 

Just remember, it's never too late to change things in your life!

Best of luck! 


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