The (Other) Dog

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ella and I have come to a mutual agreement that she needs more training. I have, because she acts like a fool, and she has because she isn't getting as much park time as she could be getting.

Back up to last week, Ella and I visit the dog park with my friend Janet. What once was a general curiosity of other dogs on Ella's part has become a full on "I MUST GET TO THAT DOG TO SAY HI" every time we see another dog. If she isn't lunging to greet them, she is laying down like she is about to stalk them as they pass by and THEN lunging to greet them. Sometimes she even likes to throw in a little growl like she makes when she and Sadie play (because a pit bull charging at you at 60 MPH isn't scary enough for some people, let's add a growl).

If you know me you know I'm about getting rid of the horrible stereotype and misconception that people have about pitbulls. Ella is making this hard on me. Not because she is mean or aggressive by any means (of course not) but because she acts like a total fool at the dog park, totally scaring anyone who might be a little apprehensive and then I have no window of opportunity to show how sweet she can be and talk them out of their stereotype. Not to mention, it's becoming increasingly annoying to have to pull the leash tight every time a dog walks by. I don't have the strength for a 60 pound dog lunging. Back at it. To be fair, after my last dog incident last year and the thousands I spent I haven't put as much training into Ella as I should have. Call it being tired from the exhaustion of what happened with the previous dog, but I just didn't have it in me. However, that's not fair to Ella...and it's not fair to the dogs at the park who are now probably scarred for life. Kidding.

But really, Ella has gone to the dogs, literally. It's time for Pitbull Academy.

- S

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