Door Locks {and Phobias}

Monday, January 5, 2015

Kicking off the new direction of the blog with an insight of what happened to me that fateful weekend that I posted on facebook was so crazy (since many of you asked).

Let's get real honest here for a second. I have a security issue, or maybe a phobia. I'm not sure what you would call it. The chances of you getting into my house for a break in are slim to none because I keep it tighter than Fort Knox up in there.

Back in the day (aka a few months ago) when I had the insane idea of getting a roommate I put those door latches on the doors in my bedroom with the chains. You know what I'm talking about, the ones that you see in the movies or more commonly in apartments? I had one when I lived with my roommate Amanda in NoVA. Anyway, I did this because I found my roommate on Craigslist and because I'm a paranoid freak person.

I found out there have been some break in's recently in my I also installed a full security system in my house with motion detectors and recently, glass break (that is my newest addition to Ft. Knox). The alarm system calls the cops AND it's wireless so that no one can cut the wires (yes I think of EVERY possible situation). I also have a little sign in front of my house that says Secured by Front Point Security , next to the sign that says "My Security System is my Pit Bull" which...let's be honest, is a load of crap. However the Front Point Security sign is to be feared.

OK that's the background story. So back up to a few weeks ago now. I had a lot on my mind this particular day (that's my excuse anyway) and was locking up the Fort to go to bed. I had it in my mind to lock up my bathroom door from the outside, where the chain lock is but for some reason my brain just got the memo to lock the bathroom door. So I locked it and shut the door. Did you get that? I locked it from the INSIDE and shut the door. Yes...that's right. I locked myself out of my own bathroom. So I did what any self confident 26 year old would do...I called my mom. In fairness I was exhausted and wasn't thinking right and my brain could only think about what I would do in the morning when I needed to use the bathroom. Never mind the fact that I have another full bathroom downstairs. Not the point.

My mom tells me to call a family friend that lives nearby. The thought of explaining to them what I just did was too humiliating, and I didn't have enough time to think up a better story (the irony being that I'm telling this humiliating story on my blog now but hey, it makes for good writing).

No, the only thing to do was take the door apart. I pumped myself up, telling myself I could totally take apart a door handle and put it back together. No big deal, people do it all of the time. I got the handle off and voila! Oh wait, it was still locked. So now the handle is gone, but the lock is still perfectly in tact. I push around a few things for about 5 minutes and hear a "click!" YES. I'm a genius! In fact, I'm not a genius, because I locked myself out of the bathroom to begin with, but just go with me here.

I'll end this story just by saying, it's a heck of alot easier to take a door apart, then to put it back together. One of the screws is still not fitting correctly but hey, I got in to my bathroom.

And in case you are asking yourself if that really happened...yes. That happened.

There's more stories where that came from. This is only the beginning. I might start calling this "Diary of a Single First Time Homeowner". Catchy right?

Thanks for reading!


New Year New Blog

Friday, January 2, 2015

I know some people must be wondering what happened to my blog lately. I was really drawn at first to fashion blogging because well...I love fashion. And I really enjoyed the fashion blogging, but my wallet did not. I think to really make it in the fashion world at first you have to be willing to put out a TON OF some dough to try new products and new lines. At least, in order to be able to post every week, three times a week you do. There were other factors too, but I'll leave it at that (in the words of Destiny's Child, I won't blast you on the internet, cause my mama taught me better than that).

SO 2015! I started thinking that I miss the blog, what could I blog about? I posted a status a few weeks ago on Facebook, something to the tune of "if you knew what happened to me in the last 24 hours you wouldn't even believe it". Funny, no one really commented on it or liked it, they ALL private messaged me asking if I was ok. Side note; sorry if I scared you.  I was fine, the stories were actually pretty funny. I told the people who asked and got alot of laughs.

Some of my favorite blogs are people who blog about their dogs. My personal favorite is Oh Melvin, Yo Jake! Cracks me up and I always look forward to reading what she has to say (plus let's be honest, her interior decorating is amazing). Although I generally have many musings about Ella, I don't think I have enough to write an entire blog about her, mainly I know this because I tried that before and the blogging stopped after a few weeks. I do, however have enough to write about her probably weekly or so.

Which leads me to my point (and I'm sure you are thinking "get to the point already") I'm going to just blog about things that happen on a daily basis. Not a daily blog, more of a weekly probably.  Sure, alot of it will be laughs at my own expense, but what kind of person are you if you can't just laugh at yourself? A person who is too serious, that's what kind. I mean, I've never been a person who likes sad or serious movies, life is too sad and serious as it is! Disclaimer: I could possibly have the occasional soap box rant on there.

So wouldn't you like a blog about something funny that makes your day a little brighter or at least makes you think? I don't know if I would go THAT far but I hope it will!

Let me know what you think. I think this could be a good direction.