Paw Pack Review {November}

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ok I did my Birchbox review so now it's time for my Paw Pack Review! 

Ella loved everything in her Paw Pack and although she hasn't yet played with her new treat toy, I know once she destroys it gets to, she will love it too. 

First some information about the good that Paw Pack does taken directly from their website: 
"10% of PawPack proceeds will go directly to the care of rescue animals. We also will be donating PawPacks directly to rescues for new adoptions to have as a welcome home gift." 

With that said, they ask anyone with rescues in mind to send them an email at I will be sending them Bella's Bully Buddies' information shortly. 

Reasons why I liked Paw Pack from the Get-go:
  1. They allow you to do a month to month box (you don't have to pay a year in advance)
  2. Everything from Paw Pack is Eco-friendly, organic and all-natural (good for Ella)
  3. You receive full sized items as well as samples 
  4. All of their items are GRAIN-FREE

So now that you know all about Paw Pack, let me tell you what was in her box for November!

Wellness Foods is some good stuff let me tell you! They provided a sample of their food in the Core "Original Formula" as well as some protein bars in flavor Turkey and Duck with Kale. I was wondering if she was going to like something that sounded so nutritious but Ella ate them faster than I could say the word "treat" (both the food AND the protein bars).

Smart Alex Treats in Walnut-Flaxseed - she ate these just as fast and bonus, they smelled delicious! I was about to try one myself. 

Lastly, she received a treat toy from Cycle Dog in the shape of a mini dino! So cute! I am withholding giving this to her because I know she is going to destroy it and love it all at the same time. 

We loved this month's Paw Pack and can't wait to get it next month! 

-Sarah and Ella

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