To Juice, or not to Juice?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Anyone else out there in the process of switching their summer clothes to fall and winter clothes? I have noticed, as I've been trying on some fall pieces, that they are a little bit too tight tighter than last year. Yikes!

Ok take a deep breath, let's think of solutions. 

One of my recent heroes, my cousin Jeff, Follow him on Twitter here! did a juice cleanse when he first started losing weight. That really kick started his diet, and he went on to lose 100 pounds! So naturally, I reach out to him for advice. 

"Do a juice cleanse."

Ok - so now I just need recipes. I was able to find a few here: Fat Burning Detox Drink and here: Willow and Jade

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to do a 4 day juice cleanse, or just swap out one meal a day for about a week and see how that goes. 

I welcome any recommendations on what is best! 

After the cleanse, I'm looking into a few diet options, mainly Paleo Diet  or Whole 30 

I'll keep you posted!


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