Product Reviews {Hair}

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I jumped on the Keratin train a while ago, and I've never gotten off. The more Keratin treatments I get on my hair, the more obsessed I become with them. Because of the treatments, I've experimented with many Keratin products. All shampoo and conditioner brands that I use have to be sulfate and paraben free (the less chemicals the better!). 

My current obsessions:
My favorite shampoo right now is the Keratin Express shampoo. You don't have to use alot on your hair for it to work well. My hair dries in minutes!  Buy it here!


How about a conditioner that leaves your hair feeling silky and smooth, and makes your hair even stronger and healthier? My pick is Jellua, it's made with Squid Ink! 
The secret is "The Positive Ion of Silicone provides the connecting element needed to bond the chains of amino acids that become the proteins necessary within each hair follicle. This will return damaged hair and scalp back to a state of good health."  Buy it here!


Lastly, an oil treatment. My hair tends to be a bit on the dry side, so I use an everyday oil treatment that leaves my hair feeling soft and silky, and not even a little greasy.
 I recommend Kitoko Oil Treatment. Feel free to use up to a quarter size amount because there won't be any greasy tendencies at all! Buy it here!


Have a great Tuesday!



  1. this sounds amazing i definitely want to try it out! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. thank you! once you try, let me know what you think :) !