Plan it! {Guide to Planners}

Friday, October 17, 2014

Is anyone else out there old school like me? There's nothing more satisfying than holding an actual planner book in your hands, filled with all of your upcoming events, and keeping you more organized than ever. I love it! I once tried using my iPhone 5 to plan all of my upcoming appointments, it just wasn't the same. So I broke down and bought {yet another} planner.

My first planner that I used was Lilly Pulitzer from LifeGuard Press. What I love about this planner, is not only does it keep you insanely organized, it offers stickers to highlight your special events on your calender. Plus, let's be honest, it's cute and goes with every outfit!

The next planner that I've tried is my Kate Spade Planner. What I love about this particular planner is that there are refill pages that you can buy each year so you can keep the same snazzy cover and just change out the pages! Each cover is super adorable and you can customize to match your Kate Spade purse! That's a win in my book.

Finally, the planner that I am using now is from Sarah Pinto and Amazon. I was looking for a simple small planner that had both a calendar and a separate day by day page so that I could write my To Do's. I love this planner and it keeps me completely organized! Plus it also comes in very cute versions.

What do you do to stay organized? Let me know!


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