DIY Dog Collar Flowers

Monday, October 27, 2014

With all of the fashion Ella and I are debuting, I wanted to mix it up and have her start matching me with what I'm wearing. While I do have a few jackets for her, I decided the best way to do this was to make collar accents in different colors so that she could coordinate daily. I headed to AC Moore to gather my supplies (coupon in hand!) and was able to find many different felt fabrics that suited my taste. I made several adjustments along the way to my flowers, and thought I would share a brief tutorial with you, in case you wanted flowers like Ella's!

Various Felt Squares
Hot Glue Gun
Velcro strips
Paper (for pattern) 

Step 1: Make pattern and cut 4 felt flowers 

Step 2: Fold first flower and place glue where my finger is with hot glue gun.

Continue doing this in this order while putting glue under where my finger is each time:

 Step 3: Once you are finished, you will notice parts of the flower are still sticking up, I suggest putting glue under the inside of the top two flowers

Step 4: Finish by flipping the flower over, and putting glue on the inside of the bottom flower (so that it is glued in half).

Step 5: Take velcro strips (I recommend the reusable ties) and either attach with just velcro (they should easily attach to the back of the flower) or for a harder stay, hot glue velcro to the bottom flower (which should now be glued folded over). 

That's it! You have your flower! I even got Ella to model for us. 

If you try it let me know how it goes! 

- Sarah and Ella 

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