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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ever heard of LUSH? You might know it as that great smelling store that you pass in the mall. If you have never gone into Lush, you need to know it's so much more than that! I've been going to Lush for a few years now, and I just can't get enough.

Some of my favorite products include the Lush bath bombs and the Dream Cream (pictured below)
The bath bombs are AWESOME for a nice relaxing bath, and make your skin smell and feel great! The dream cream is an essential for winter. I am always in search of a super thick cream to keep my skin moist in the harsh winter climate. Look no further! 

Here are five reasons you need to Lush right now (if you haven't already)! 

1. None of their products are tested on animals. This is one of my favorite things about Lush and they boast this on their bags. If you leave with anything from Lush, it's probably in a bag that let's you know, none of their products are animal tested. Thank you Lush! 

2. All of their products are fresh. So fresh they all have an expiration date. If you ever get one of their fresh face masks I recommend this Blueberry mask, you will see that you only have a few weeks to use it. Fabulous!

3. Their skin care line is amazing. If you are ever in search of the perfect cleanser for your face, you can find one here for any skin type. My skin is combination oily but sensitive, and I found the perfect cleanser that not only cleans, but isn't too harsh on my skin. Try Angels on Bare Skin

4. Special Products are made for Holidays. That's right, Lush markets special products for your favorite holidays. Christmas has it's own bath bombs, even Halloween has it's own this year (Halloween Products). 

5. They give to Charity. Lush offers a product called their "Charity Pot" that gives 100% of the purchase price (when you buy a pot) to humanitarian and animal rights causes around the world. So far they have donated close to 5 million dollars! 

If this doesn't give you enough reason to check them out yet, visit their website here and get inspired! 

Let me know what your favorite products are! 

- S

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